Saint James' Episcopal Church is an inclusive Episcopal Church, which strives to create a spiritual center for our community.

What that means at this time is that the current cogregation, loving what Saint James is and represents, is holding on, and frankly treading water.  we believe that the community today, the world in fact, need a place for peole to explore the depth of their uniquel lives. We recommend the Christian wa...It works for us...But we do not think that it is the only way.  And there are so many perspectives on what it means to be a Christian, so the more we can share the more we can find those special words and songs and prayers and places that are specially attuned to each of our souls.  It is easy to be accepting of diversity...after all newness can be fun.  But we crave diversity.  We need diversity.  We havefound that it is only through the other that we get to know ourselves, that we even can begi to see the facce of God.  We're a small church, but everytime we begin to worry about that smallness, something happens to let us know that we are right on God's path. They bring us Athena Hagerty with her violin on the day when our music person simply didn't show, and Athena had, unbidden taken the time to practive the songs we were going to use.  They bring Edwin Zoludua, who had nowher to go, but came to us.  We have been a blessing for him, and he has been a blessing for us.  It's just a holy plae to be, no matter what your past tradition.  You are welcome.  Your are welcome to what is, and you are even more welcome to participate in what we can become.  We are small, and when our faith gets shaky we worry about that.  You may be just who we're looking for.  In one way or another we are all a gift from God.  You are Welcome.  [Holy communion, no music 8 AM Sunday: Holy Euchaist with Music at 10 AM Sunday: Holy eucharist with Prayers of healing, no music, 10-10:30 Wednesday AM.


Saint James' 2016 Vestry

The Rev. George F. (Jeff) Kohn, Rector

Mary Sue Baker Senior Warden (2018)

Bill Sullivan, Junior Warden (2017)

Liz Williams, Treasurer (ex-officio)

John Dotson  Clerk (2019)

Athena Hagerty (2019)

Ellie Clarkson  (2019)


Saint James hosts 25 12-Step Groups each week including Alcoholics Anonymous (including special Women's & GLBT Groups), Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, CoDA, and Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous.  We are a spiritual home for our own Episcopalian congregation and the Sarang Korean Church There is a weekly Brown-Bag Zen sitting at noon on Fridays and regular meetings of the Monterey Bay Friends of CG Jung whose offices are here at McGowan House.


Size of Congregation: 92

Seating Capacity: 160